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How Moving Can Actually Help You

By: 30Goats
Jul 11, 2009

When you have to move into a new home, it can be extremely stressful. Personally, I have found that moving into a new home is extremely time consuming, and takes up most of your summer. However, I think that moving gives you an opportunity to do better in school, and become a more productive person. I think a fresh start is a good way to improve as a student and as a person.

First, when you first see your new house, usually people figure out which rooms will be used for certain purposes. Bedrooms are picked out, the basement rooms are arranged to have a bathroom, a main room, and perhaps a laundry room. The kitchen and dining room must be found, and all other rooms are given a purpose. This is one way to improve your productivity. Find which room is going to be your bedroom and plan how to give it functionality without creating distractions. Figure out where to put the bed, your clothes, and if you will put a desk in. Try to limit the amount of things you put in that may become distracting. A stereo is almost a necessity, but a TV is not. That is one example, but there are other things that may lead you away from getting work done in your room. Arranging a work-friendly room correctly is a huge benefit.

Ask your parents if there will be a study room or office of some kind. If not, the dining room can be a good place to use for studying. Find this place and help decorate it and put furniture in, because it will give you time to get a feel for the room. This is important because if you go into a new room, or a room you rarely go in, you can become distracted by looking around and getting familiar with it. I have found that my dining room can be a good study place when my room is distracting, because dining rooms usually don’t have any distracting things there. It is usually used to relax people and spark conversation by colors and decoration. This gives you an opportunity to relax yourself, and be focused in on studying. I always find distractions when studying or doing work, but the dining room limits those distractions, and if you have an office in the house, that would most likely be even more useful for focusing on work.

Moving into a new home in a new place is exciting, stressful, and opportunistic. Use it to your advantage, and plan how to make yourself a better student. This can help in the long run, and if you do it well enough, you’ll be really happy you did later in the year. Good luck.

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