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Plant Organs and Organ Systems

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Plant Organs & Organ Systems --roots, stems, leaves Vascular Plant Organs -primary growth *chloroplasts in some green stems but PRIMARILY in the leaves *mitochondria- in all cells Vegetative Parts -roots, stems, leaves -for maintainance of individual, growth -somatic cells Reproductive Parts -flowers, fruits, seeds -maintainance of species *some no flowers, only spores ~PIC1 Root -anchors the plant -absorbs water and minerals -root hairs -brown, white, red, black -no green (few exceptions: orchids) -shape: cylindrical -produce hormones, some for storage ~PIC2 Root Systems ~PIC3 Radicle -first that grows out in germination -will become the primary root *2nd, 3rd, 4th.. root- ?lateral roots? ~PIC4 Patterns of Root Growth Taproot system

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