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  • Sam Choi


  • How did the organization of labor shape political and social structures?

  • Why did the earliest civilizations arise in river valleys?

  • How did plant and animal domestication set the scene for the emergence of civilization?

  • What is A Hawaiian Citizen?

  • The Cold War Divides the World

  • The Hundred Years' War and the Plague
    1300s filled with disasters, both human and natural

    church seemed to be thriving, but soon faced division

    deadly epidemic claimed millions of lives

    claims to thrones in France + England led to wars in both lands

    changes in government made in France + England

  • The Mongol Empire (3)

    Kublai Khan, grandson of genghis khan, took the title Great Khan in 1260

    great khan ruled all mongol empire

    empire split into four khanates

    focused on expanding his own khanate

    Mongolia, Korea, Tibet, and N China

    Kublai Khan Becomes Emperor
    chinese held off Kublai's attacks

  • Chapter 9
    Civilization in Eastern Europe: Byzantium and Orthodox Europe

    I. Introduction

    A. Two major civilizations

    1. Byzantine ? Orthodox Christianity

    a. Maintained high level of political, economic, cultural life

    b. Leaders saw selves as Roman Emperors

    c. Empire lasted for 1000 years until Turkish invaders

  • Chapter 10
    A New Civilization Emerges in Western Europe

    I. Introduction

    A. Middle Ages ? Medieval

    1. Gradual recovery from Rome?s collapse

    2. Growing interaction with other societies

    B. Spread of religious beliefs

    1. Most polytheistic converted from Christianity

    2. Some continued to believe in magic/supernatural spirits

  • Chapter 6

    The First Global Civilization:

    The Rise and Spread of Islam

    I. Introduction

    A. Before 7th century ? contacts, but not total control of ancient world under one empire

    1. Arabia ? nomadic land on periphery of major civilizations

    B. 7th century ? followers of Islam ?submission? ? Muslims ? Allah ? one God

  • Chapter 7

    Part II

    Chapter 7

    Abbasid Decline

    and the Spread of Islamic Civilization to

    South and Southeast Asia

    I. Introduction

    A. Mid 9th century losing control

    1. Rebellious governors

    2. new challenging dynasties

    B. ?but still creative ? ironically ? a golden age without political stability

  • Chapter 8

    African Civilizations and the Spread of Islam

    I. Introduction

    A. Mansa Musa ? crossed Sahara on hajj

    1. wealth symbolized potential of Africa

    B. Sub-sahara never totally isolated

    1. But?for periods contact was difficult and intermittent

    C. Changes came from

    1. Arrival of Muhammad followers

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