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Unit 05 - Study Questions

1. Compare and contrast the causes of World War I and World War II?

2. Compare and contrast the resolutions of World War I and World War II.  Consider the following:
    Peace agreements – major players, ideology, geographic boundaries
    Economic/political effects
    Role in creating future confrontation

3. Analyze the impact of war on civilians.  Choose either World War I or World War II and compare it with one of the following conflicts:
    Korean War            Vietnam War
    Biafra War            Angola War
    Nicaragua War        Bosnia/Kosovo War

4. Compare and contrast European nationalism during the Interwar Period with that of the independence movements in those nations that decolonized following World War II.

5. Analyze the changing role of the United States in the twentieth century.  Consider its role economically, diplomatically and militarily.

6. Compare and contrast the impact of globalization in the 21st century with that of European colonialism in the 19th century.

7. Compare and contrast the patterns and results of decolonization in Africa and South Asia.

8. Compare and contrast two of the following revolutions’ effects on the roles of women:
    Russian Revolution 1917
    Chinese Revolution 1949
    Cuban Revolution 1959
    Iranian Revolution 1979

9. Compare the effects of the World Wars on two of the following regions:
    Latin America

10. Compare and contrast why developing nations chose to align with either the USSR or the United States during the Cold War.

11. Compare the legacies of colonialism and the patterns of economic development in two of the three areas below:
    Latin America

12. Compare and contrast the independence struggles of Africa.  Why were some nations more successful than others in diversifying their economies, developing a stable political system, and social equality?

13. Compare and contrast the methods and effectiveness of guerilla warfare with that of high-tech warfare.  Use specific examples from two of the following military conflicts of the 20th century.
    Vietnam War
    The Iraq War

14. Compare and contrast the methods and results of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the Cuban Revolution of Fidel Castro.

15. Analyze the demographic changes of 20th century considering three of the following:
    Birth rates
    Death rates

16. Analyze the changes and continuities in threats to the environment and resulting environmental movements in the 20th century.

17. Is cultural convergence or diversity the best model for understanding increased intercultural contact in the 20th century?

18.    Analyze the impact of economic philosophy on both the Cold War and on  the decolonization movement.

19.    Analyze the political and social changes and continuities in one of the following nations during the twentieth century:
    South Africa

20.    Analyze the role of religious belief and secular ideologies in the contemporary world.

Subject X2: 

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