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    Chris Manguno APUSH

    Plains Indians Research Paper

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  • Chapter 33 Outline Catherine Snyder
    The Republican ?Old Guard? Returns
    Warren G Harding: became president in 1921, was a people-person, couldn?t see the immoral-ness in his associates
    Charles Evans Hughes: secretary of state, conservative leadership
    Andrew W. Mellon: new secretary of treasury, multimillionaire

  • Chapter 34 Outline
    FDR: Politician in a Wheelchair
    Eleanor Roosevelt: first lady, Roosevelt?s cousin and wife, more active first lady, fought for the impoverished and oppressed
    Presidential Hopefuls of 1932
    New Deal: for the ?forgotten man?
    ?Brains Trust?: small group of reform-minded intellectuals, credited for writing FDR?s campaign speeches

  • Chapter 35 Outline Catherine Snyder
    The London Conference
    London Economic Conference: 66 nation conference in 1933, worked to organize global attack on worldwide depression
    Exchange-rate stabilization: was essential to revival of world trade
    Freedom for (from?) the Filipinos and Recognition for the Russians
    Philippine sugar competition

  • Chapter 36 Outline
    The Allies Trade Space for Time
    US: demand was higher than WWII- had to supply themselves and transport, as well as providing for the Allies
    The Shock of War
    Japanese concentration camps: Japanese in the US (2/3 American born) were placed into concentration camps for fear that they would support the US enemy Japan

  • Chapter 29 Outline
    Progressive Roots
    Wealth against Commonwealth: by Henry Lloyd, against the Standard Oil Company
    The Theory of the Leisure Class: by Thorstein Veblen against ?predatory wealth? and ?conspicuous consumption?
    How the Other Half Lives: by Danish immigrant journalist Jacob A. Riis, shocked middle-class, depicted the terrors of the New York slums

  • Chapter 30 Outline
    The ?Bull Moose? Campaign of 1912

  • Chapter 32 Outline Catherine Snyder
    Seeing Red
    Bolshevik Revolution: spread some Communism into America
    ?Red Scare?: 1919-1920, crisis where suspected Communism was heavily questioned and punished
    Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer: rounded up suspected communists excessively
    Buford: 249 alleged alien radicals were deported to Russia

  • Chapter 28 Outline
    Catherine Snyder, P.1

  • Chapter 26 Outline
    The Clash of Cultures on the Plains
    Plains Indians: often fought one another, very scattered, not really organized beyond nomadic family groups
    Fort Laramie and Fort Atkinson: US tried to make peace treaties with various tribes, marked beginning of reservation system
    Buffalo Soldiers: 1/5 of US Army were black at the time

  • Chapter 27 Outline
    Catherine Snyder, P. 1

    B. Sterling High
    A. Peter Houghton
    D. 10
    A. Matt Royston
    A. Patrick Ducharme
    A. Alex Cormier
    A. Joey Houghton
    By: Steven Orosz, Alex Roth, Chris Bolger

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