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  • I. ?Cotton Is King!?

    Eli Whitney aided to rise of slave use in the South

    Quick profits drew planters to the bottomlands of the Gulf states

    Planters bought more slaves and more land in order to buy more slaves and more land

    Northern shippers made profit from the trade

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    I. The Accession of ?Tyler Too?

    Harrison was a figure head real leaders were Webster and Clay- Harrison died of pneumonia

    He didn?t like the dictator tactics of Jackson- Tyler was a ex-Democrat

    Was a Whig but embraced the Jeffersonian states? righters- at odds with majority of his party

  • Democrats v. Whigs- campaigns turned to banners and parades- voter turnout was high

    I. The ?Corrupt Bargain? of 1824

    JQA, Clay, Crawford, and Jackson all ran for president- they were all republicans- there was no majority so the election was thrown to the House- Clay was eliminated from the race but gave his support to JQA

  • Center of population moved past the Alleghains. Fur-trapping used the rendevous system. Ecological Imperialism expoliated the stock in the West. There was an influx of immigrants from Ireland and Germany. The Irish were escaping famine and the Germans were escaping autocracy. Nativists disliked the foreigners. Know-Nothing Party formed against the foreigners.

  • Second Great Awakening swept through America?s Protestant Churches

    I. Reviving Religion

    Regular attendance to church was common- Calvinists rigor was leaving the churches

    Rationalist ideas from the French Rev. Era and Thomas Paine?s The Age of Reason declaring churches were monopolies in profit and power

  • X.


    I. On to Canada over Land and Lakes

    Regular Army was weak- supplemented with ill-trained militias

    British forces were weakest in Canada- Americans focused on attacking Canada but not with full strength- they should?ve focused on Montreal

    British captured Fort Michilimackinac- British general was Isaac Brock

  • I. Growing Pains

    First census of 1790 recorded 4 million people

    Philadelphia was the largest city

    Population was 90% rural

    Trans-Appalachian overflow was concentrated in Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio

    II. Washington for President

    G. Wash was unanimously drafted President- he was a big man- had smallpox

  • I. Federalist and Republican Mudslingers

    Hamilton wrote a pamphlet against Adams- JDR?s published it- angered by Adams not going to war with the French ? Preparations were already set for war by the Federalists

    In response Federalists attacked Jefferson- talking about robbery and intimate relations with slaves- which was true

  • American Revolution wasn?t really a revolution, more like an evolution

    Loyalist Exodus destroyed most of the Upper Crust and elites which allowed Patriots to become elites

    I. The Pursuit of Equality

    Society of Cincinnati- Continental Army officers who formed an exclusive hereditary order

    Fight for separation between Church and State

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  • rising discontentment resulted as U.S. citizens came to detest Hoover, naming shantytowns ?Hoovervilles? and naming newspapers ?Hoover blankets?
    farmers began to rise up & protest
    in the election of 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat) was elected

  • Cold war america 1945-1960
    chapter 26

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