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  • Chapter 10: Sexual Reproduction and Genetics Cont.

  • Chapter 10: Sexual Reproduction and Genetics
    -Human body cells have 46 chromosomes
    -Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes
    -Homologous chromosomes- one of two paired chromosomes, one from each parent
    -Same length
    -Same centromere position
    -Carry genes that control the same inherited traits

  • Chapter 9: Cellular Reproduction

    -As the cell grows, its volume increases much more rapidly than the surface area.
    -The cell might have difficulty supplying nutrients and expelling enough waste products.

  • Big Idea 1: The process of evolution drives the diversity and unity of life
    Enduring Understanding 1.A- Change in the genetic makeup of a population over time is evolution
    Essential knowledge 1.A.1: Natural selection is a major mechanism of evolution

  • Cell Wall

  • DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis

    -The species-particular DNA sequences produce the species-particular proteins
    -Genes code for proteins
    -Genes are long strands of DNA of chromosomes

  • Chapter 7: Cellular Structure and Function

    -All organisims are composed of one or more cells
    -The cell is the basic unit of structure and organization of organisms
    -All cells come from pre-existing cells

    -Simple structure
    -Contains a plasma membrane
    -Does not contain membrane bound organelles

  • Chapter 6-Chemistry in Biology

    -Matter-everything in universe is composed of matter.
    -Matter is anything that occupies space or has mass
    -Mass-quantity of matter in an object
    -Weight-pull of gravity on us

  • Biology 160
    Study Guide #5

    1. Be able to write the basic reaction that describes cellular respiration
    2. What are the three main stages of cellular respiration? Be able to say what goes in and

  • Biol 160
    Study Guide ? Final Exam

  • Metabolism and Photosynthesis

    Chapters 6 & 7



    ? Contain chlorophyll

    ? Green

    ? Site of photosynthesis

    ? Concentrated in leaves

    Chloroplast Structure

    Overview of Photosynthesis

    ? Light Reaction (stage 1)

    ? Occurs in thylakoid membranes of granna

  • Gene Expression

    Chapter 11

    ? Differentiation yields a variety of cell types, each
    expressing a different combination of genes

    ? Different types of cells make different proteins because
    different combinations of genes are active in each type

    Muscle cell Pancreas cells Blood cells
    Fiure 11.2

  • Biology 160 ? Fundamentals of Cell Biology
    Gavan M. Albright, MS.

    Tacoma Community College

    Instructor: Gavan M. Albright, MS.
    Biology 160 ? Fundamentals of the Cell

    Course Description:

  • Cells, Membranes and Cellular

    A Tour of the Cell ? Cell Structure &

    ? Chapter 4

    ? Compared to the images
    generated by the Hubble telescope
    or the planetary probes like
    Voyager, telescope images are

    ? Same with looking at cells under a
    light microscope, view is limited.

  • Biology 160

    Lecture 1

    Introduction, Chemistry and

    Introductory Concepts for Studying Biology
    & Science

    ? Chapter 1

    What is science?

    ? Knowledge gained through careful
    observation, experimentation and

    ? Science is:

    ? Explanatory

    ? Testable

    ? Reproducible

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