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  • Chapter 16 The Molecular Basis of Inheritance
    Essay questions will be on Feulgen, Griffith experiement, Hershey and Chase, Chargoff, Watson and Crick, Tatum Beadle Experiment
    Your genetic material is contained in: 1. 46 chromsomes from mom and dad
    2. Mitochondrial DNA from mom

  • AP Biology Chapter 17 (17.3 and 17.4)

    17.3 Eukaryotic cells modify RNA after transcription

    RNA Processing: in the nucleus ? before it is sent out to the cytoplasm.
    both ends of the primary transcript are altered
    certain interior sections are cut out

    A. Alternation of mRNA Ends (Figure 17.9)

    Both ends of the mRNA are modified in a particular way

  • Chapter 18 Regulation of Gene Expression

    Conducting the Genetic Orchestra

    Cells precisely regulate their gene expression.

    Both prokaryotes and eukaryotes must alter thaier patterns of gene expression in response to changes in the environment.

  • Chapter 13 Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles

    Variations on a Theme

    Heredity The transmission of traits from one generation to the next
    Genetics The scientific study of heredity and hereditary variation

  • Chapter 12 The Cell Cycle

    Overview: The Key Roles of Cell Division

    Rudolf Virchow ? said ?where a cell exists, there must have been a preexisting cell, just as the animal arises only from an animal and the plant only from a plant?.

    Summarized by saying: ?omnis cellula e cellula? ? means every cell comes from a cell.

  • Chapter 11 ? Cell Communication

    Overview: The Cellular Internet

    The trillions of cells in a multicellular organism must communicate with each other to coordinate their activities.

    There are networks of communication between cells ? can be very complicated

  • AP Biology Summer Assignment
    Unit 8: Animal Form and Function

  • AP Biology Summer Assignment
    Unit 4: Genetics

  • AP Biology Summer Assignment
    Unit 5: Mechanisms of Evolution

  • AP Biology Summer Assignment
    Unit 7: Plant Form and Function

    Ch. 35-39- Look through these 5 chapters and fine and list TWO concepts that seem interesting to you.
    Two Concepts that seem interesting to me are concept 37.1 ?Soil is a living, finite source? and concept 38.2 ?Flowering plants reproduce sexually, asexually, or both.?

  • AP Biology Summer Assignment
    Unit 3: The Cell

  • AP Biology Summer Assignment
    Unit 1: Ecology and the Biosphere

  • AP Biology Summer Assignment
    Unit 2: The Chemistry of Life

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