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  • Me Gusta Proyecto
    Por: Sofia Camacho
    Hola, me llamo Sofia Camacho, y soy de Miami, Florida!
    Los fines de semana me gusta descansar y pasar rato con mis amigos.
    En el verano me gusta ir a la playa.

    En el invierno me gusta jugar con la nieva.

  • PT2520 Clarence Gross 2/9/12 Homework

    A scalar function operates on one row at a time.

    And aggregate function works on multiple rows a time.

    Whenever you have an aggregate function in a query criteria, you must use the HAVING keyword.

  • PT2520 UNIT 4 Clarence Gross 2/2/13

    Normalization is the process of removing anomalies from database design.

    Not being able to insert data because other data is required is an example of an insertion anomaly.

    An insertion anomaly occurs when you enter data inaccurately.

  • PT2520 Clarence Gross 1/19/12 Unit 3

    The logical design is independent of any database management system.

    The physical design is the logical design adapted to the constraints and features of the database management system.

    You should always try to create cross relationships between parent and tables.

  • How did the landscape and still-life paintings in this gallery reflect the values and culture in which they were produced? How were moral messages encoded into this genre? Reference specific works to support your conclusions.

  • Prompt: Identify this work of art and explain how it is representative of the art movement and school of thought that it was created within.

  • 810 Module Assessment
    Jessie Huang
    Leonardo da Vinci, Ginevra de' Benci, ca. 1474?1480. Oil and tempera on panel.FLVS, lesson 7.01, page 6

  • Select an example of architecture from the Art Nouveau style.
    Identify the stylistic elements that are indicative of the period it was created in.

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